Doctor Andrew Heslop

The Principal here at the Healing Centre, continues after more than 20 years in Bellingen  to be committed to the  improved health and vitality of our small community.  Consulting from the Healing Centre and a visiting Medical Officer at our local hospital, his wholistic approach to healthcare has proved to be valuable to the lives of many and an asset to the community.

Dr Andrew Heslop, MBBS,  Fellow  Royal Aust. College of General Practitioners, Fellow – Aust. College of Nutrition/Environmental Medicine, Diploma Royal Aust/NZ College of Obstetrics, Diploma in Herbal Medicine, Certificate in Naturopathic Nutrition, Certificate in Psychotherapy, Visiting Medical Officer – Bellingen District hospital, Bellorana Nursing home and Hostel.



Doctor Dorothea Eburn

Dorothea is an experienced GP who has lived and worked in the Bellingen Shire since 1995.

Dorothea enjoys the variety of General Practice.  She offers comprehensive individual care with an emphasis on preventative strategies.

Her particular interests are Sports Medicine, Womens’ & Childrens’ Health and Holistic Health Care.

Fellow of the Rural College of General Practitioners. Diploma of Sports Medicine UNSW.



Doctor Adrienne Newman

Adrienne is excited to be at BHC working amongst, and with, those who also believe in the body’s ability to heal itself, using natural methods of healing where possible. She also enjoys keeping up to date with current best practice in Western medicine to support patients in their choices when this is required. She is interested in working with the diverse health issues of men, women and children.

Outside of work Adrienne enjoys spending time with her family, singing in a choir and learning to play the saxophone.



Doctor Gull Herzberg

Dr Gull Herzberg MBBS.

Special interest in Psycho-spiritual Medicine & Adolescent Health.







Doctor Susan Lumsdaine (Locum)


Susan has worked at the Bellingen Healing Centre since January 2011. She enjoys all aspects of general practice and believes in the benefits of a collaborative approach to maintaining health and well being, in line with the philosophy and mission statement of the practice.

Susan has strong family links to Bellingen and returned here in late 2010 with her husband, Rick. They are both enjoying settling into the community.




Doctor Ben Bartlett

Ben is a Medical Acupuncturist and GP with over 35 years experience.  He is particularly interested in assisting both adults and children in the management of musculoskeletal problems, chronic disease, mental health problems, the prevention of conditions such as migraine and challenging conditions where orthodox methods have been less than effective.