The 8 Baby Steps – Small steps to a healthier change

Week 1

If it is not packaged by nature, do not eat it.  Stop eating take away foods, frozen pre made dinners and anything that is not packaged by nature – that is a way to reduce chemical intake

Go for a brisk walk ( as if you are trying to catch the bus that is about to leave) every day – for up to 30 minutes if possible – this helps to activate your repair and healing systems.

Week 2

Attend to your house. De-clutter. Do a spring clean – wet dust surfaces and give carpets a shampoo. Your cleaning agents, body washes and toothpastes – are they free from chemicals? – Try Vinegar and Bicarb soda as cleaning agents

Week  3

Look at your sleeping patterns. Do you go to bed by 10pm and wake up refreshed?  How many hours do you sleep each night.  Are you sleep deprived ? – because sleep activates healing and repair mechanisms

Week 4

Address your carbohydrate intake – as carbs are acid forming and can lead to inflammation.

Week 5

Address your Bowel habit. Do you go every day or do you go twice or three times a day? Learn to assess your digestive function. – because some degenerative  diseases are related to slow and poor bowel function

Week 6

Look at things outside your house. How do you control pests?. Is your pet making you sick. Are your flowers in your garden causing you breathing problems –  as it may be chemicals here as well.

Week 7

Start drinking green tea , instead of coffee or black tea. Eliminate sugar from all drinks. Are you drinking 1.5 litres of pure water a day? – because Green tea has no caffeine, and has protective/healing properties

Week 8

Look at  your purpose in this life.   What makes you laugh? What brings you joy? – Consider your relationship to the world in which you live.  How does your actions affect the people around you and in turn the health of people who matter to you?


In Integrative Medicine, how you live is just as important as how you recover from illness.  After all, the body does not wake up one day and decide that today is the day it has diabetes, high blood pressure, or cancer. The steps towards illness take time. Are you walking towards wellness everyday?