Please contact us on 02 6655 0000 to arrange an appointment.

Booking Your appointment:

The time set aside for a standard consultation at our practice is approx 15 minutes.  If you feel your problem may take longer (see below), or you have a long list of problems, please choose the long appointment at the time of making your appointment so more time is allocated.

If two people are to be seen please make two appointments.

Long appointments are required for:

    • Insurance Medical Examinations
    • Workers Compensation Matters
    • Motor Accident Claims
    • First Full Antenatal Visit
    • Naturopathic/Holistic Consultations
    • Minor Surgery Procedures
    • Chronic & Complex Problems

As much as we try to maintain appointment times, our Drs can run behind schedule for a number of reasons. Our Doctors provide emergency services to our local hospital and may be called away unexpectedly.  A patient with an urgent medical problem may need to be fitted in immediately.  Patients book standard consultations not realising they need more time for their Doctor to deal with their health, and issues of well being.

We ask for your understanding, and apologise if we keep you waiting.  If we are aware of a long wait, we will attempt to contact you by phone so please make sure we have your current contact details. If you are delayed or cannot attend your appointment please ring reception so your appointment can be rescheduled and others may be able to access an earlier time.

       Cancellation Policy

Bellingen Healing Centre is committed to providing consistent and thorough healthcare for all patients in our community.

You can cancel or change an appointment at Bellingen Healing Centre without incurring any fees, as long as you give us at least two hours       notice.  Two hours notices give us the opportunity to utilise your cancelled appointment time for urgent patients that need to be seen that day.  Please phone our practice on 6655 0000 to make these alterations.

Missed or cancelled appointments with less then two hours notice will incur a fee of $50. No part of this fee can be claimed back from Medicare.


First Appointment

Please complete New Patient Information prior to attending your appointment if possible.

New Patient Form