Are your hormones causing you grief?


Are you one of those women who have tried different types of diet and exercised diligently and not lost weight?  You could have a hormonal imbalance. You may find that at certain times of the month your breasts are swollen and tight, or your rings do not fit or your feet swell. Your periods may have changed and become heavier or you may have Fibroids or breast cysts. Or you could be one of those who have lost their libido, crave chocolate, feel bloated or tired often.

You may have a hormonal imbalance between your different types of hormones..

This happens most often at puberty and around menopause.  We have as women, two main types of ‘girl’ hormones.

Oestrogen is the hormone that makes our body grow and creates our womanly curves. The ovaries make oestrogen.  Oestrogen in today’s language is used loosely to include a family of hormones, such as animal oestrogens (like ours), synthetic oestrogens, phytoestrogens (plant oestrogens), and xenoestrogens (environmental estrogens, usually from toxins such as pesticides).

The other hormone is Progesterone. The body makes progesterone at several places. Progesterone is a pro-gestation hormone.  Without a proper amount of progesterone, there can be no successful pregnancy. Incidentally, Progesterone is the hormone that makes women glow later on in pregnancy.In women, Progesterone is primarily made in the ovaries just before ovulation and increasing rapidly after ovulation. It is also made in the adrenal glands in both sexes and in the testes in males.  Yes males need female hormones as well but in differing amounts. If a woman is pregnant, progesterone is secreted during pregnancy by the placenta and acts to prevent spontaneous abortion

So for you women, our bodies need both Oestrogen and Progesterone as one is the check of the other to maintain balance.  Therefore when the harmony of Oestrogen to Progesterone balance is lost, we have a problem, often a weight problem.

Therefore it is not the absolute deficiency of estrogen or progesterone but rather the relative dominance of oestrogen and relative deficiency of progesterone that is the main issue when they are off balance.
 This is known as Oestrogen Dominance.

So during puberty when you have a dominance of oestrogen, everything grows, which is great. However, during menopause when this happens, everything grows and that is not good for the figure because things grown where we do not need them to!

In addressing the resistant weight loss in women who are struggling, it is important to address these hormones and their ratios.

Dr Rufina (Fi) Lam.