Intro & vision/mission

Our vision is to encourage and support our patients and staff to experience the vitality of life and to realise optimum health as a natural state.

Bellingen Healing Centre is a Family Medical Practice with a holistic approach to health and well being. Our doctors use a comprehensive integrated approach to the prevention of disease, working with each patient to design individual treatment or management plans for their health.
We have a strong focus on empowering our patients with knowledge, education and practical skills so they may be fully engaged in their healing process.

Our Vision is for Everyone to experience the Best of Health

Our Mission is to support, educate and empower our patients to realise optimum health as a natural state.


A Family Medical Practice

Bellingen Healing Centre is a fully accredited Family Medical Practice with a holistic and preventative approach to healthcare.

The practice of holistic medicine is uniquely individual. It is a journey with your practitioner to the the well-being and vitality of your life, asking the question “why is this illness, or dis-ease state present in this person?”  The Practitioner integrates orthodox medicine and complimentary therapies to treat the disease, prevent further illness and most importantly to promote optimal health and lifestyle.

Our practice consultations include all areas of general health including womens’, mens’ and adolescent health, immunisations, travel medicine advice and vaccinations, skin checks, wound care, aged care, mental health plans, as well as naturopathic consultations, nutritional advice, vitamin and mineral supplementation, Chelation and intravenous vitamin therapies, herbal medicine and homeopathic treatments, counselling and Bio Balance.  Our doctors work with each patient to design individual treatment or management plans for most medical conditions.

At Bellingen Healing Centre our Medical Practitioners are trained to the Royal Australian College of GP standards and are committed to ongoing education to enrich their practice for the well being of patients, their families and the wider community.  A number of our doctors have specific post graduate training in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine.  Each of our doctors has been awarded Vocational Registration (VR) by the Department of Health, which recognises their significant post graduate training and expertise in General Practice.



Recent Articles from  Wellbeing News…

Introducing Dr Lauren Hammer

Lauren completed her General Practice Training at Goondiwindi Medical Centre.

She has lots of interests at work including emergency care, women’s health, adolescent health, paediatrics, mental health, skin, preventative care and geriatrics.

Outside of work she enjoys being a mum, spending time with family and friends, reading, baking, quilting, keeping active, and watching good movies or tv series.

Lauren will be starting at Bellingen Healing Centre on Thursday 21st January 2021.  

Freedom of Choice

If you care about doctors and practitioners being able to make your aware of all your options and treat you in the way you want. Have a look at this link.

The 8 Baby Steps – Small steps to a healthier change

Week 1

If it is not packaged by nature, do not eat it.  Stop eating take away foods, frozen pre made dinners and anything that is not packaged by nature – that is a way to reduce chemical intake

Go for a brisk walk ( as if you are trying to catch the bus that is about to leave) every day – for up to 30 minutes if possible – this helps to activate your repair and healing systems. → Read more