The 8 Baby Steps – Small steps to a healthier change

Week 1

If it is not packaged by nature, do not eat it.  Stop eating take away foods, frozen pre made dinners and anything that is not packaged by nature – that is a way to reduce chemical intake

Go for a brisk walk ( as if you are trying to catch the bus that is about to leave) every day – for up to 30 minutes if possible – this helps to activate your repair and healing systems. → Read more

My aches and pains

My aches and pains!

How many times a week do I hear that cry?

Well there are some simple things that you can do to get some relief, and the good thing is that with these strategies there are no side effects or complications.

But first, what are some of the factors that cause aches and pains?

It can be mechanical causes such as continued poor posture, lack of exercise and being overweight that lead to the wrong muscles being used to support our skeletal one structure. → Read more

Solar power an investment in our future



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BHC goes solar

Bellingen Healing Centre investing in the future.   Our solar array is keeping us going during the many blackouts we have in Bellingen


Are your hormones causing you grief?



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Are you one of those women who have tried different types of diet and exercised diligently and not lost weight?  You could have a hormonal imbalance. You may find that at certain times of the month your breasts are swollen and tight, or your rings do not fit or your feet swell. Your periods may have changed and become heavier or you may have Fibroids or breast cysts. Or you could be one of those who have lost their libido, crave chocolate, feel bloated or tired often.

You may have a hormonal imbalance between your different types of hormones.. → Read more